From the beginning it was our goal to create artwork that would not only touch the hearts of our clients, but to help bring into focus more of the beauty and joy in their lives, whether in their families or within themselves, and create an atmosphere where one could feel open and safe enough to share a bit more of themselves with us.

What we most desire is to continually be inspired by who and what Life puts in front of us, and hope to be an inspiration to others on their journey. We've learned as one grows in their understanding to see things in a new light, there is no going back to shadows outgrown, and in this way the camera has become a medium for us to explore deeper within the self to find a larger sense of life that is filled with freshness, grace, and peace.


In 2006, a sassy blond New Yorker was paired up with a gentle blue eyed Californian at an audition for a Shakespeare festival in the quaint historic town of San Juan Capistrano.  Their love blossomed quickly, as they spent their days performing and producing theatre throughout LA and Orange County, CA. One chilly Christmas in New York, the gentle blue eyed soul asked the sassy blond New York-turned-Cali gal to take his hand in marriage, and the rest (as they say) is history.   Through their creative inspirations and spiritual growth, Life began to take shape in a whole new light, and they focused their artistic vision towards a photographic journey, that continues to inspire them daily.

While doing a study of the word "grace" they found the definition: the divine influence in the heart, reflected in the life. And alas, inGRACE photography was born. These days the couple can be found capturing the stories of newborn babes, children, families and couples in Boston, MA, the greater New England area, and Southern California, as well as inspiring other artists and photographers to go deeper within their craft and use the creative arts to find clarity and a deeper meaning of Life.